Cherry Cleaning Solutions is a full-scale cleaning company. What does that mean?

Cherry Cleaning Solutions, LLC: Professional Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services in Denison, Mead, Atoka, Durant, Bokchito, and other areas in OK

In this fast-paced kind of life, juggling your work, family, and social life has already become demanding. Even the simple house cleaning has become a time-consuming chore that many people tend to neglect. In this case, it is more economical and less stressful for any homeowner to get professional residential cleaning and maintenance services. With a trusted cleaner by your side, you can spend more of your time with your loved ones instead of doing household chores.

If you are located in Denison, Mead, Atoka, Durant, Bokchito, and surrounding areas in OK, let the professional and certified cleaners of Cherry Cleaning Solutions, LLC. be at your service for quality residential cleaning and maintenance services. Helmed by years of experience in residential, commercial, and post-construction cleaning services, we are committed to providing our clients in and around Denison, Mead, Atoka, Durant and Bokchito, OK honest, reliable, top notch quality of cleaning services without breaking their pockets.

For our residential cleaning we offer general cleaning and spring cleaning based on our customers needs and price ranges. We use a variation of PMC or Perfect Maintenance Cleaning developed by Jeff Campbell. Perfect Maintenance cleaning means that our general cleaning methods are very thorough and we spring clean by adding on a few additional deep cleaning tasks on a rotational by room basis. If you’d like, we can even deep clean the entire house the first time around. We give you the flexibility to schedule a one-time clean, or we can also set you up on a bi-weekly or monthly cleaning schedule. Residential rates start at $27 per hour per cleaner. Indeed, very affordable! Please note that we also offer commercial and post construction cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate! Again, we are available in Denison, Mead, Atoka, Durant, Bokchito, and other areas in OK.

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For our residential cleaning we offer general cleaning and spring cleaning based on our customers needs and price ranges.

Let our professional cleaners take care of your commercial janitorial cleaning needs.

We all know that post-construction clean up can be a daunting task.

Reasonable, thorough, friendly and reliable. What more could you ask for?

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Cleaning is what we do! Fully Insured, we bring the clean to you.

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Just moved to the area, bought a house that needed a thorough cleaning (including carpet and tile grout). These folks did a great job at a very reasonable price. On top of that they are super nice folks and helped me witmore…

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This isn’t a place so much as a cleaning service. I’m training manager here.

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